Love and family and friendship... something to think about?

There are times in our life when having the love and closeness of friends and family becomes more important than ever and I can say, without doubt, that this has turned out to be one of those times! 

We’ve all been touched by this monster in one way or another and most of us, with varying degrees, are coping with it the best we can.  But not everyone is managing to deal with it… and those not coping are the ones who need that little bit extra to keep them truly safe and well.  

“I am there for you when you need me” are words we have all used a thousand times over, but I believe that these are the times we should put them into practice and truly deliver on that promise.  I can’t stress how much a caring text or a little note to let someone know that you really are there for them is important right now, and maybe we should think about using all the care and love we possess to put this into practice.

If you can reach out to someone who, say, has no friends or the care of a loving family, or even someone who has gone quiet in your life, then please do so today.  

It’s been so very difficult for you all personally and everyone (and I mean everyone) is in the same boat, and that does help put things into perspective, but someone out there will be finding it tough going right now and we really need to be aware of who they are.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, it will change for the better and we, 'the lucky ones', know that.   We will come out of this; some of us not unscathed by it I know, but we will come out of it nonetheless and probably be the better person for it.  But… someone out there needs your help to get them through it and we should try really hard to reach out and give them our support.

If you have a loving family, caring friends, a roof over your head and a good meal on the table, then you are the lucky ones and this monster will never change that.  But it's also important to remember to keep in touch with the people who are less fortunate than yourselves (mentally, physically or financially) and give them a little bit of your ‘luck’ to help them through.  

The most important things of all right now?  Love, family and friendship! 

So my friends, keep positive, keep safe, keep healthy and most of all keep in contact with those less loved and we will see you all soon xx