Aromaworks Himalayan Sea Salt Purifying Scrub

This Luxurious Himalayan Sea Salt, all over body scrub has 84 trace minerals to detoxify the body and encourage nutrients absorption at a cellular level, to purify and nourish the body. Our sweet citrus herbal blend of Bergamot and soothing Lavender blends with floral heart notes of sweet Neroli and calming Chamomile, finished with a creamy balsamic woody base of Sandalwood, allows the natural detoxifying properties of Epson Salts to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it silky smooth and soft to the touch. It is an incredible treatment and one which relieves the harshness of airborne toxins and pollutants and helps nourish the skin and increase metabolism. A luxurious treat indeed!

(30 Minutes)


FAKEBAKE - Coco-Loco Body Polish

Great before a big event such as your wedding or a holiday, this deep cleansing exfoliation and hydration scrub gently purifies your skins cells, using shredded coconut.  This is followed by a soothing aromatic oil rub with organic coconut oil to activate circulation and help nourish and improve your skin’s condition.  Giving you perfect, satin smooth skin for the beach or for that all important honeymoon! The perfect pre-tan scrub.

(45 Minutes)


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