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SkinPen FAQ's

1) How long do the results last?

Once the desired results from the treatment have been achieved, they will last between 3-5 years on average. This is because the skin carries on ageing at the natural rate – this means some people may not need it doing again and others may like another treatment after this period of time to maintain results.

2) How long does the treatment take to do?

This varies as the SkinPen can be used all over your body for different reasons. The time it takes to do each area depends on the area of concern and the client. On average it takes an hour or so for the first treatment and slightly less thereafter – we always leave an hour to go over what was spoken about in the consultation and after care, as well as giving time for the area to numb. Someone having the skin tag removals treatment will not take half as long as, say, a full stomach area of stretch marks.

3) Can I go to work after having the treatment?

The SkinPen doesn’t affect anyone's ability to work. For example, someone having the eye area done will still be able to see and drive and manage as they would normally. However, booking time off work may be beneficial to some clients, particularly when considering which area is being completed. Having a body treatment is easier to cover up, whereas someone who wears make-up and is uncomfortable with the healing process being on show may like some down time at home until the majority of the healing is over.

4) How long is the down time for the treatment?

For people who prefer to have down time at home we usually recommend 1-3 days. This is how long it takes roughly leaving just a pink undertone on the skin.

5) Can I wear make-up after the treatment?

For the treatment we recommend wearing no makeup after the treatment and this is for hygiene and bacterial reasons as well as avoiding infection and pigmentation. However, if the client is adamant about wearing make-up then we recommend our make up brand ‘Jane Iredale’ as we know the ingredients and trust this brand. Jane Iredale is a 100% mineral based make-up which means no nasty chemicals on the skin – however, this still comes with caution as all brushes need to be washed after each use to avoid any cross infection.

6) Where can I have the Skinpen or PRP Skinpen treatment?

The SkinPen can treat all over the body from areas including the eyes, forehead, jowls, ears, hands, smokers lines, stomach, arms, knees, skin tag removal and so many more! All depending on the concern.

7) Can anyone have it done?

Before the treatment we carry out a free but thorough consultation which goes through all medical, lifestyle and reasons for having the treatment done. As long as the consultation goes well and all medical aspects are ok then anyone can have the treatment, providing we are satisfied you are happy with how the Skinpen can help you!

8) Am I too old or is it too late to have the SkinPen?

NO! No one is ever too old for the treatment and the worse the concern the better results we will see. It is never too late to be comfortable and happy in your own skin!

9) How many treatments will I need?

This is a question that is hard to answer without a consultation where we can assess the area and have a conversation with you about your expectations. On average 3 treatments are recommended. However, once we can see the area, this may differ. Package deals are available so please ask about this at your consultation.

10) Does the treatment hurt?

Most people have no problem and say they feel nothing during the treatment as the numbing cream has done its job! However, this depends on the client’s pain threshold and sensitivity levels. If someone feels uncomfortable during the treatment we offer regular tea/coffee and biscuit breaks as well as a second numbing cream as we want the client to feel as comfortable as possible.

11) Does it work?

The treatment has had some fabulous results and feedback, the most difficult part about the treatment is remaining patient as it takes up to 12 weeks to see results due to the collagen forming and your body doing its work! But remember, your body will continue to heal and formulate new cells up to 8 months after your treatment.  Here at Aura we 100% believe in the treatment and all staff have had the treatment done, in different areas. We wouldn’t recommend something we were not truly passionate about.

12) How can the treatment go wrong?

The only way the treatment can really go wrong is the after care so making sure you stick to the advice is vital. Wearing SPF constantly to avoid pigmentation and avoiding picking or touching the skin are key ways to care for your skin as it heals.

13) What is the healing process?

The healing process is the stages the skin goes through after having the treatment. When first having the SkinPen treatment (depending on the area treated), you may experience swelling, heat under the skin, redness and maybe a slightly uncomfortable feeling, depending on the depth of needle used. However, these will subside, sometimes immediately, but at the most after a couple of days. Now it's just a waiting game to see the amazing results and watch the skin improve.

14) How long do I need to stay out of the sun for?

It is recommended staying out of the sun for as long as possible before and after the treatment. This is usually between 6-12 days depending on the amount of sun.

15) How should I care for my skin after the treatment?

After care includes staying out of the sun.  This also means avoiding any sun beds, taking the vitamins and products we recommend depending on the concern and being careful with lifestyle, wearing SPF and not picking or touching the skin.

16) Why do I need to take photos?

This is essential for insurance purposes but also for you to see how effective the treatment has been. It is also essential so we can keep up with the different stages and make sure you have everything you need, as well as give you all the support when needed.

17) How long do I need to wait to see the results?

Results may be visible immediately after treatment but also up to 8 months during the skin's natural healing process.

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