FakeBake Spray Tan - Weekend Glow

The Lightest of the tans. Weekend Glow is perfect for when you just need that little boost of colour leaving you with a healthy glow.

(15 Minutes)


FakeBake Spray Tan – Original

FakeBake's Original is the tan that we have all come to love. Brilliant for special occasions like weddings and weekend breaks.

(15 Minutes)


FakeBake Spray Tan - Darker

Darker is the newest solution to Fakebake for people who prefer the darker glow.

(15 Minutes)


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Pre-tan Checklist


To ensure you get the most from your spray tan, we’ve created a pre-tan checklist to help guide you through the tanning process:

  1. The evening before your spray tan, exfoliate your skin thoroughly, paying particular attention to dry areas.

  2. Make sure you do not wax at least 48 hours or shave at least 24 hours prior to your tan.

  3. Ensure your skin is free from self-tan products, perfume, deodorant, balms and oils before your spray tan.

  4. Please wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment.