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Winter Skincare and Aura

It’s all about You!


The changing seasons are challenging for our skin to say the least, and the winter season seems to be the harshest of all.  That is just one of the reasons in this season, in particular, we need to address the reactions and consequences of our skincare regime.


Dry, lacklustre and blemish prone; the winter skin needs to be replenished and repaired more than ever.  What with central heating, the cold and all the other harsh environment accelerators, the skin becomes more inflamed and irritated, and old enemies like Rosacea, wrinkles and dry skin abound.


Also, the skin around our eyes suffer more this season as we don’t tend to wear sunglasses or SPF in the winter months.  We squint at the bright, winter sun and this can also lead to dry cracked skin around the eyes, accelerating aging.


The skin repairs itself overnight and protects itself during the day. Hence the numerous serums and creams on the market for both night and day, as our skin reacts differently to them at these times.  However, bespoke skincare regimes and treatments to protect your skin from the radical changes it faces on a daily basis are a good investment and that is why we at Aura promote and tailor a protect and repair regime based on YOUR skin type and changes in YOUR skin environment.  A truly bespoke and natural treatment for YOU.


It’s been a very exciting time for Aura recently. We have introduced new facials and body treatments, including Elemis, Environ and CACI, which we are so excited about.  So, browse our facials and book in for a free, skin consultation to start your Winter Skincare journey with us and get £5 off your first Aura Tailored Facial in January and February.  Just quote "Winter Skincare and Aura" when you book in.

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