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BIOTEC facial treatments are where ground-breaking technology meets active ingredients and transformative touch. The pioneering innovation of the BIOTEC machine works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Technology turbo-charges touch. The clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energised skin.

Our No-Touch Facial powered by BIOTEC delivers the same transformative results as our other facials , using safe touch tools and cutting edge technology to renew your skin; whilst providing you with the peace of mind that you are being treated with the highest hygiene and safety standards.

All BIOTEC Facials are 75 minutes long

Pro-Glow Brilliance++

Your Recipe for Radiance​, Experience our ultrasonic peel technology and brightening enzymes to deeply cleanse and remove visible pollutants, makeup and city grime for happy, healthy skin. ​Immediately revealing a super-healthy complexion, you’ll look and feel more radiant, relaxed, and glowing.​Supercharged with ELEMIS BIOTEC 2.0: Ultrasonic, O2 Infusion & Galvanic


Pro-Glow Renewal++

For a Healthy, Gorgeous Glow, ​ELEMIS' signature deep cleansing skin wellness facial harnesses the goodness of Prebiotics and antioxidants to deliver a healthy-looking, lit-from-within glow.​Highly effective resurfacing technology with super-hydrating, skin-kind formulas and nutrient-rich Superfoods nourish and protect the skin, whilst helping skin’s microflora to maintain a healthy balance.​After just one treatment, skin looks visibly refreshed and rebalanced.​ Supercharged with ELEMIS BIOTEC 2.0: Ultrasonic Resurfacing.


Pro-Glow Smooth++

The hit workout for your skin.  Powerful resurfacing technology lifts away dead skin cells to smooth, renew and refine, whilst improving the appearance of skin tone and luminosity.  Skin is prepped for an infusion of hydration tat will double its moisture content, leaving it feeling plump and hydrated, whilst delivering an immediate and visibly tightened effect.  After just one treatment, the complexion looks firmer, supremely smooth, and rejuvenated.  Supercharged with ELEMIS BIOTEC 2.0: Ultrasonic, Microcurrent & O2 Infusion


Pro-Glow Resurface++

Resurfacing for stunningly smooth skin.  Purify and brighten as skin’s texture is transformed.  With a spotlight on enlarged pores, blemishes, and blackheads, this unique facial powered by patented Tr-Enzyme technology minimizes the look of uneven tone, texture, fine lines and pigmentation.  Dull, uneven, tired-looking skin will appear instantly brighter, smoother, and renewed. Supercharged with ELEMIS BIOTEC 2.0: Ultrasonic, Microcurrent & O2 Infusion


Pro-Glow Genius++

Your line-fighting superhero facial.  Clinically proven intelligent skincare and our triple level approach to skin hydration results in transformative results for younger-looking skin.  Powered by our ULTRA-SMART technology, with a spotlight on deep-set wrinkles for maximum, multi-faceted facial rejuvenation, and skin hydration.  Skin will be visibly smoother, resilient, and firmer looking.  An unsurpassed, line-fighting experience.  Skin will appear firmer and more radiant immediately, after just one treatment.  Supercharged with ELEMIS BIOTEC 2.0: Ultrasonic, Microcurrent & O2 Infusion


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