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Purlés® Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel - M-Peel (Comfort+)                          £71
Chemical Peel - G Peel (Medium)                             £71
Chemical Peel - T Peel (High)                                     £77
Chemical Peel - C Peel (Vit-C)                                   £77


What is a Chemical Peel?

          Chemical Peels treat the following :

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scarring

  • Melasma

  • Other scarring such as trauma or surgical

  • Stretch marks

  • Hyperpigmentation or irregular skin tone

Why Choose a Chemical Peel?

If you’re considering a chemical peel, you’ll probably want to know what its good points are – but why should you choose a chemical peel over, say, a facial or even Botox®?  Well, you simply don’t have to!  There are plenty of benefits to a peel, not least because it can be used in conjunction with a whole host of other treatments, including facials and Botox®!  Here’s our expert opinion:


It’s Safe and Effective


A chemical peel is an extremely safe procedure when carried out by a professional clinician.  The chemical peels we use are renowned for their gentle efficacy and safety.  A skin peel removes damaged outer layers of the skin to reveal smoother, brighter-looking skin beneath.  They can also help restore glow to tired, dull skin while targeting other concerns such as acne, sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and scarring. After only one treatment, this rejuvenating treatment will give you instant results.  Remember, you can peel nearly every other part of your body too and some people like the backs of their hands peeled to give them a younger, fresher looking glow.

It’s quick - treatments are quicker than you might expect – it only takes around 15-20 minutes to complete the actual treatment, although a thorough consultation and aftercare programme will mean that you might expect to be with us for anything up to an hour.​

Does it hurt?

There is usually a warming or heat sensation during the treatment and you may experience a slight burning, tingling or pinching feeling. You may also feel a slight tightness post-treatment, but these are all normal and tolerable and will all subside within an hour after treatment. These sensations are nothing to be concerned with.  Please remember that redness will always be present after a properly administered peel and you may experience some dryness and/or ‘sloughing off’ of the skin, but we will set you your own post-peel treatment programme that will hydrate the skin and help deal with any sensitivity issues.

 How do I care for my skin after treatment?

You won’t need to take time off work (although your skin may look a little red and flushed at first!). And you can apply make-up 24 hours post-treatment.  You will also be given an after-care booklet and a personal after-care treatment programme, which will include necessary care factors such as using an SPF30+ sun screen and details of a personal skincare regime to aid repair.  Please do NOT touch your face as this can lead to increased healing time, hyper-pigmentation or scarring. Re-epithelialization starts 24 hours after treatment after which collagen is regenerated over 2-3 month period.

before after skin peel 2.jpg
chemical peel men cheek acne.jpg

Frequently asked questions

Is it painful?

There is usually a warming or heat sensation,  redness, tingling, or slight swelling but this is usually tolerable and nothing to be concerned with.  Redness will always be present after a properly administered peel but this usually subsides within an hour of having the treatment. Dryness and/or ‘sloughing off’ of skin cells is often seen and we will give you a personal self-care programme to help hydrate and repair the skin. 

How long does it take and how many treatments will I need?

This depends on the peel you have, but expect to be with us for up to an hour.  Then depending on the results you want to achieve, every 4-6 weeks. Generally speaking, a course of skin peels rather than a one-off treatment will deliver longer-lasting results and many people are so happy with their fresher, younger looking skin, that they keep the results topped up with a peel every few weeks.

What is a Chemical Peel and what areas does it treat?


Briefly, by expertly applying a chemical exfoliant to the skin, the outer layers are exfoliated and eventually peel away.  The newer skin is smoother and younger looking. Skin peels guarantee exfoliation of the highest quality and effectiveness and they constitute a perfect solution for numerous skin problems, including those of the body!  They are quick acting and gentle for not only mature skin, but to brighten or even out grey or oily skin.  As well as normalising and reducing imperfections, peels can reduce scarring including stretch marks and acne scarring and treat other areas including neck, decolletage, back of hands etc.

Is patch testing and a consultation really necessary?


Yes! The procedure adopted by Aura allows our clinicians to check your skin is suitable for peeling and ensures no adverse reactions occur following your treatment.  The consultation carried out pre-peel also provides us with the opportunity to tailor the treatment to your personal requirements and expectations, whilst ensuring your safety and comfort.  Patch testing and consultation are paramount in all treatments Aura perform. 


  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scarring

  • Melasma

  • Other scarring such as trauma or surgical

  • Stretch marks

  • Hyperpigmentation or irregular skin tone

before after skin peel.jpg

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